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Dear Friends,

I have been thinking about the days of the early 80's with frigid  temperatures, frozen over ponds, busted pipes, and power outages. Hey, I realize that we are currently experiencing some of the same seasonal weather events of our past. Man it has been cold! Trying to find refuge from the minus 4 degree temperature outside,  I entered my barn and found the temperature was  25 degrees F inside. That makes me long for summertime.  Certainly, we are getting closer, but I am sure we will experience these unreasonable temperatures until March.  Warm turnout blankets, and a heavy roll of plastic can become your best friend.

As result of some of our weather elements, we were unable to host our 1st meeting of the year in January. Giving this great thought, our Board of Directors and I, decided to combine some of our events with our meetings. Not only will our members save time and gas, but it offers new opportunities for new members to join that may have been concerned about making meetings for our awards program.

Our first meeting of the year will be on Saturday, March 15th, 2014 in Greenwood, DE. It will be held prior to our Annual Awards Banquet. All are welcomed to attend both functions but that is not a requirement. The meeting will begin at 5 pm and conclude by 6 pm. We will ask that you to kindly leave after the meeting unless you are attending the banquet for the evening. The personnel at the Cheer Community Center is preparing a nice meal. Roast Beef and Baked Chicken with veggies. We will have a cash bar, DJ, and activities for the younger members.

On another note, I hope the news has reached the community. We are having three Horse Shows in Delaware this year.  In May, Chicks will host a 6 judged show. In July, we will have our annual Sun Circuit Horse Show. I believe we are almost doing this show for fifty years. In September, we will host the Delmarva Classic Horse Show with 4 judges.  Plenty of points to be had on Delmarva. We are proud to say that we host the largest horse shows on Delmarva right here in Harrington, DE. Tell your friends.Post on FACEBOOK. You can twitter, jitter, but this is no jive. Come to Delaware and have a great time showing your horse.


Buddy Mowbray
Delaware Quarter Horse Association

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